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'The Virtual Factory' - Robustness Software

In order to quantify and minimise variability in product or process, CAE tools can be used to perform robustness assessments. Within a typical body structure, a number of potential 'noise sources' exist.  

Invensys Engineering Ltd created a suite of FORTRAN 90 programs to automatically generate a virtual production run of nominally exact body structures. By recreating real life variation, within allowable tolerances, noise was introduced in to each of the 'bodies' that were completed on the virtual factory line. Included modeled variation in the finite element models included:

  • Supplied sheet metal gauge variation
  • Forming analysis of pressed panels
  • Panel mis-alignment in assembly jigs
  • Spot weld modeling with variation in positioning and effectiveness

Each automatically created body structure contained the above variation randomly applied. This then allowed for the virtual fleet to be assessed to understand key performance spread across the population. 

This is a very inexpensive way of understanding and controlling variability and hence robustness with in a process or product.  Most modeling features can be automatically modified to generate population members using bespoke routines. 

Programs can also be created for post processing activities as well as to aid pre-processing. We can write scripts to interface with most major CAE codes such as NASTRAN, OPTISTRUCT, HYPERFORM, Dyna etc. Mining exactly the data you require in a standard format maximises productivity and ensures consistency. 

FORTRAN routines can be used to generate any number of derivatives of a nominal design automatically.



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