Optimisation study of a spaceframe to reduce mass by 20kg whilst improving upon NVH, handling and durability requirements. Download to find out more.

Finite Element Modeling


Creation/ modification of FE models from single components to complex vehicle models using industry standards to capture joining details such as adhesive and  welds / rivets. We can tailor model complexity to suit each project requirements - concept models with simplified representations allow for rapid interrogation of design solutions whilst detailed models can be used to accurately predict performance of a stable design.

Finite Element Analysis


Linear statics and dynamics analyses performed using industry wide used toolsets. Aiding the development of body structures or components to meet NVH and Vehicle Dynamics' requirements.


Coupled vibro-acoustic modeling for NTF predictions. Tactile response predictions such as seat rail or steering wheel vibration. 

We can also verify and develop structures / components to meet durability and safety requirements.


Analytical Scope.......

Noise Vibration & Harshness (NVH).......



Shape, form and gauge optimisation performed to minimise material usage whilst satisfying multiple requirements. Optimisation with embedded cost models are used to ensure products are designed for not only function but also to budget.


Analytical Scope.......

Design of Experiments


Using taguchi arrays, both virtual and physical test plans can be designed to maximise the value of data acquired whilst minimising testing expenditure. DoE is powerful tool to gain a thorough understanding of a product or process to reduce variability or optimise performance.  

Multi Complex Response Predictive Models..... 

Bespoke Routines


We offer a bespoke software writing service to automate labour intensive analytical tasks. Whether it be pre or post processing bottlenecks, tailored software routines can improve productivity,  reduce errors and costs. Using Perl or FORTRAN 90 we can automate most FEM related activities....


Virtual Factory Case Study.....

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